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Status: Released

Worbital is a colorful and exciting real-time space artillery game, with a heavy dose of planet-shattering weaponry and cosmic chaos.
The game is available now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One PlayStation 4!



Cosmic Artillery Warfare



The idea for Worbital is based on the successful game Interplanetary from Team Jolly Roger. Numerous player feedback has inspired us to the idea of Worbital. Interplanetary is a complex game that requires long game sessions and calls for strategic thinking. We realized that Interplanetary can also be simplified, providing a completely different gaming experience.

Key Aspects

Engage in Orbital warfare between entire planets. Destroy your enemies by chipping away their planet’s surface and blowing up their core. Crush friends and enemies in Online and Local Multiplayer or prove your prowess against AI opponents.

Guide your shots through space as the world turns and gravity shifts in real time. Collect resources and build up your weapons, ranging from simple railguns and lasers to planet-busting weapons.

Withstand cosmic chaos as chunks of exploding planets, asteroids and other celestial objects threaten your planet, with explosive chain reactions ventually destroying the sun itself.​ Expand the battlefield and blindside your enemies by taking control of uninhabited planets. 

  • Oversee the chaos

  • Unconventional Multiplayer Action

  • Online & Local Multiplayer

  • Large arsenal of crazy weapons

  • Discover diverse strategies

Platforms and Release

Nintendo Switch






For more information about Worbtial please visit www.worbital.com or visit our development blog at https://worbital.tumblr.com/.

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