The Management team at Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. comprises of project finance and investment professionals and senior executives from the games industry. Our aim is to structure creative financing solutions which accurately reflect project risk and maximize returns for Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. shareholders.

We have developed a proprietary risk management system using industry sales data together with in-depth production and sales channel knowledge to enable companies to assess the potential of individual projects whilst optimizing the risk/reward profile of their product portfolio. Our Industry knowledge and value added services allow us to provide more than just the finance to significantly reduce risk.

Jason Garber CEO and Director

Jason is the CEO of Advanced Interactive Gaming, a games financier and production company.

Jason has over 15 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience in games development and corporate management.

Most recently, he served as Publishing Director at Stainless Games Ltd., presiding over new projects, IP and game releases – with the PS4, XB1, PC game Carmageddon: Max Damage as its most recent game release.

From 2012 to 2013, Jason was the COO and co-founder of the start-up eelusion GmbH in Berlin, Germany. Before that, Jason worked as producer in several game developers and completed the releases of a multitude of games for various platforms.

During the start of his career, Jason had its own studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and completed a variety of tasks, such as sound recording, music recording, translations, graphical adaptations etc., for an endless amount of games that were released in the Netherlands.

Jan Lindner Chairman

Jan is the CEO of Stainless Games, a top-tier games developer and publisher.

Jan has over 25 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience in software development and corporate management.

Most recently, he served as the CEO of Leonid Systems, presiding over substantial growth - as well as the company's eventual acquisition by BroadSoft in 2015.

From 2009 to 2011, Jan headed the software division of Spin Master, a large multinational toy manufacturer. Before that, Jan served as CTO at two global games publishers, Take 2 (publisher of Grand Theft Auto) and Vivendi (publisher of World of Warcraft). Prior to these roles Jan started at Ironport together with two founders, serving as CTO and VP Engineering. Ironport was acquired by Cisco for over $800M in 2006.

During his earlier career in the late 20th century, Jan enjoyed a long career in the gaming industry at Mattel, Mindscape and Strategic Simulations.

Patrick Buckland Director

Patrick Buckland showed his entrepreneurial streak when he started selling digital watches at the age of 15 whilst his friends were mowing other peoples’ lawns.

With his first published game at the age of 18 in 1982, Patrick came in at the very start of the games industry. By 1994, with 26 products to his name including best-selling games such as Crystal Quest, Patrick founded Stainless in order to build a solid base for the future.

22 years later, Stainless has been proud to boast up to 100 staff, and is now looking stronger than ever, having recently bought back the rights of its 90’s best-selling game Carmageddon. Stainless is one of biggest and longest-lasting independent video games development companies in the UK.

Having been CEO of Stainless for 21 years, in 2015 Patrick stepped sideways into a chairman role to allow Jan Lindner to further the corporate development of the company.

Aside from Stainless, Patrick has also been a director and shareholder in a variety of other ventures, mainly in the video games fields. These include Ego, Bowfell Developments, Happy Soccer Boss and MotorGenie.

Most recently, Patrick was one of the original “gang-of-eight” UK businessmen who bought back the rights to the sportscar manufacturer TVR from Nikolai Smolensky. The company is now progressing towards manufacture of a new range of models.

Matt Edmunds Director

Following graduation with a BSc in Business Computing Systems, Matt became a programmer at British Telecom’s research laboratories for two years until, in 1995, he got a call from Patrick Buckland and became Stainless Games first employee.

Although starting as a programmer, Matt’s business-based degree proved to be the ideal launch platform for rising through the ranks of management and, within a few years became a company executive.

Since becoming Stainless’s COO in the early 2000s, Matt has not only performed the day-to-day running of the company, but has planned and overseen growth from a team of 6 to, at one point, over 100 staff. As well as the COO role he has, at times, performed the traditional CFO role, that of Studio Head and the head of HR. Matt is also involved in business development, contract negotiation and relationship management.