Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd and Team Jolly Roger announce Worbital for PC, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch

Colorful space artillery blow-em-up Worbital is announced at Northern Games Summit in Kajaani.
Bermuda/Kajaani – 6th of October 2017 – Interactive entertainment company Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd and award-winning independent developer Team Jolly Roger have announced today that Worbital, a new tactical space artillery game, will bring fun and orbital strikes to a PC, console and handheld near you in 2018.
Worbital can be considered a new and streamlined version of the concept behind nordic indie sensation Interplanetary. Team Jolly Roger is now applying what they learned from their previous two titles to a game that employs a new art style and trades the turn-based combat of Interplanetary for a more action focused real-time approach.
Employing an all new colorful art style and trading the turn-based combat of Interplanetary for more action focused real-time combat are just two amongst many improvements to the formula.
After the release of Interplanetary and Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition, Team Jolly Roger have been hard at work on their next game, aiming to perfect multiplayer-mayhem and a single player mode offering approachable, enjoyable devastation on a planetary scale.

  • Wage interplanetary war Online, against AI or Locally against friends
  • Aim your planetary artillery across the universe, as the world turns and gravity shifts in real-time
  • Fire your weapons to destroy your enemies’ planetary surface, reveal their core and blow them up
  • Collect resources to build and upgrade support structures and weapons, ranging from simple railguns and lasers to planet-destroying terrors
  • Expand the battlefield by colonizing uninhabited planets
  • Enjoy the cosmic chaos as the gravity flings chunks of exploding planets and asteroids at other celestial objects, with chain reactions eventually destroying the sun itself!

Worbital is scheduled to be available in 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The first reveal teaser can be seen here.